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This book is about empowering women to make smarter choices, by realizing what works for them and what does not!


“Carol Brown is not just any ordinary celebrity makeup artist. It is one thing to be able to apply incredible makeup on stars; it is quite another thing to be able to teach how to create those incredible looks on themselves or others so they can have their own star-like quality! Carol has created a comprehensive “how to” that exceeds any that I have ever taught from, learned from, owned or read! Thanks for showing us that we can have unique beauty in our own world by masterly sharing tips, application techniques, and true master-class tutelage to aspiring makeup aficionados! It’s a must read for any aspiring makeup artist or anyone who desires to look & feel their best! Bravo!”

Mary Giuseffi
Former Ford Model, Frequent  Today Show guest Author, ‘Straight Up with a Twist’ Relationship Expert, Personal Brand Consultant


“applying makeup to accentuate their individual facial features while not detracting from the naturally beautiful individuals they truly are.”

Emory Daniels  
Amazon Vine Voice Reviewer
5 Stars

“Carol goes to the soul, offering insights into facial anatomy, nutrition, exercise, attitude, and inner beauty first, and then follows that ‘foundation’ with sensitive skill in assisting her readers in creating natural classic beauty. She has created “the most solidly professional, honest, realistic, and applicable book”
Grady Harp

Amazon Top 50 Hall of Fame Reviewer

5 Stars


“ written simply & powerfully about techniques that can be implemented immediately.”
“It  teaches you about tapping into the deeper essence of your beauty”
Dr. Daniel Wolter

Millennium Dental Arts


“to show women the cosmetic tools available and how to apply and use them in order to achieve the kind of ‘classic, natural beauty’ that all women can possess

John Kelly
Amazon Reviewer
5 Stars

“describes the use of makeup that now enhances my natural beauty instead of masking it.”
Katie Lorenz Lowes
Miss America Contestant

“shows techniques she has refined from years in Hollywood and shares them in an easy –to-understand manner.I highly recommend her book.”

Jess Todtfield
Former Producer; NBC, ABCand FOX-TV, President, Success in Media, Inc

“I am not in the book’s target demographic and am beyond help anyway, but those with whom I shared Natural to Knockout were impressed to a woman. The book is impressive in scope, content, and flow while the author is herself impressive by achieving success despite being dealt a bad hand early on.

Carol Brown thinks of the face as a canvas and of those who apply makeup as artists. She guides the reader through detailed steps amply reinforced with multiple photographs and illustrations. Her book is not just about makeup but considers the whole person, with chapters about a good skincare regimen, diet, exercise, makeup tools, facial anatomy, hygiene, and mental outlook.

The chapter on the eye exemplifies the exquisite detail used in this book. Readers here learn about eye types, eye shadow, eyeliners, and pencils. eye designs, corrective eyeshadow techniques, mascara, and eyelash treatments. After each chapter, the reader is provided with one or two blank pages for personal notes.

After covering all the basics of her craft, Carol Brown exemplifies how a model goes from natural to knockout in 12 specifically detailed and explained steps amply illustrated along the way. The transformation is amazing.

I should mention that the author is aware of differences in ethnic complexions and melanin composition and addresses these differences and different techniques throughout the book.

Those who want to learn makeup application techniques from one of the best might want to consider this book.

NOTE – My most significant takeaway from this book is that “less is more.” It’s the mantra of bald men everywhere. Another observation is how much we like the spiral binding. It makes the pages easy to turn and is perfect for those who like to keep the book open to a specific page while following the printed directions.”

“An Impressive Book”

Amazon Reviewer

5 Stars

“”I would not consider myself a makeup artist by any means and to be honest I usually don’t wear any at all. After looking through years of pictures I’ve come to the realization that my looks have been almost the exact same for the least 15 plus years. I decided that it was about time for a change now there are a lot of great ways to learn great beauty tips the main one being online videos for most of us. However, that is where this particular book comes into play.

Natural to Knockout is a very straight forward no nonsense book that not only teaches you how to apply makeup but shows you how to work with key features we all have to live with. Starting with what skin you have as well as your own personal facial features and shape. You, of course, move on to amounts and proper placement and the author literally goes over every part of one’s profile.

I really have learned a lot from this book and I could go over each section but I won’t because it is really something you must do yourself. If you are like me and aren’t particularly nice to your skin and have a plain Jane look but want to change that then I think this book is a seriously important asset. I look forward to going through it with my daughter to hopefully help her understand and learn things I never did. Recommended!

**I received a sample of this product to test and review. All opinions are honest and my own.**”

“An eye opener”

Pampered Prepper

Amazon Reviewer
5 Stars


” I am a senior gal who has always loved looking nice and healthy and age appropriate. My, how I wish I had had this book way back when. It is probably the best book I have read that can be used by anyone. Anyone from a young girl wanting to know about makeup application to someone considering a career in makeup/hair care, to someone my age who just enjoys reading about sensible techniques for skin care and makeup application.

I loved the fact this is also a personal journal for the reader to insert notes, comments and/or goals.

I loved the fact the author speaks not just from her knowledge, but from her heart as though we were talking one on one. She is an exceptional writer and woman.

I highly recommend this book!”

“An excellent informative, educational book that is easy to read and follow”
Tanzanite Gal

Amazon Reviewer
5 Stars

“Natural to Knockout is really complete A – Z book on not only makeup but beauty in general. It also isn’t a trendy book based on current makeup trends but based on makeup advice that is timeless and good advice.

Any woman or young girl would benefit from the book but I think those wanting to get into the field of makeup artistry would really get the most from this since the book spans all skin types, colors, and face shapes.

The book goes into detail on techniques, how to apply and tools. The book has places throughout for notes and comes spiral bound.

I received a free sample for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own and unbiased.”
“Excellent for Those Wanting to Learn Makeup Artistry”
Darena Shopz “darenashopzatoutlookdotcom”

Amazon Top 100 Reviewer
5 Stars

“This book is all about beauty but not just what we see. It’s about who we are.

Though Carol Brown’s book NATURAL TO KNOCKOUT is a guide for those in the beauty industry as well as a tool to help others improve their makeup techniques, at its core it is really about how you can feel the best about yourself and allow what is within to shine through.

Carol shares a part of her own journey in the book, allowing the reader to appreciate that though her business might be beauty it is also about allowing the best of who you are to shine through. Even as she is sharing makeup tips in the book she is also reminding you that the best of who you are is beyond the surface. Makeup can just enhance it on the outside.

Along with makeup tips, Carol also shares lifestyle tips like why it is important to keep yourself hydrated and the importance of focusing on the mind and spirit as well as the body. Finally, the book allows you to be a part of the experience, chronicling your thoughts and doing the work as you take this master class from an award-winning professional.

Designed to be educational, informative and inspirational, NATURAL TO KNOCKOUT provides you the tools to be your best.”


“Carol Brown’s NATURAL TO KNOCKOUT equips you with what you need to let your best self shine through”

Cyrus Webb “Conversations Book Club”
Amazon Top 500 Reviewer
5 Stars

“This book is no ordinary book about makeup and beauty. The author has created a most extraordinary tool for educators, students, and professionals in the field of cosmetology. It is a beautifully illustrated textbook and a comprehensive tool for teaching and learning the “what” and “how” and the “do’s” and “don’ts” of makeup artistry. The book is well organized and easy to follow. The illustrations and photos give life to what the author so passionately believes — all women are naturally beautiful. The space for session notes and related info at the end of each chapter makes the book a lifetime tool.

Beyond the curriculum aspects of the book, the author’s personal notes and advice on whole body care, inside and out, sets a plan in place for becoming a “knockout.” Carol Brown’s life story encourages and supports all women as they confidently step out into the world as the woman they want to be. I would recommend this book to educators, students, professionals and all those who want to learn the secrets of revealing their beauty.”

“Secrets Revealed”
ann s retired educator

Amazon Reviewer
5 Stars

“This is a unique publication that will help anyone in the esthetic and beauty industries. It covers a wide range of related topics including facial proportion, balance, harmony, color, and shape. As an Esthetic Facial Surgeon, I found this book to be quite helpful. The photos and diagrams are very well done. This is a great addition to my library.”
“This is a great addition to my library”
Robert Guyette MD, DMD

Amazon Reviewer
5 Stars

“This is a fantastic book for anyone! From the everyday woman who wears little to no makeup to even the most skilled makeup artists. These are tried and true techniques, tips, tricks and lessons that everyone can learn from. It’s written beautifully and is easy to understand and apply to your everyday life. As an esthetician and makeup artist, I loved that this also touched base on basic skincare and prepping the skin before applying any other cosmetic. This is a book you can always go back to and use as a reference when needed. Carol Brown is an intelligent and skilled makeup artist who has shared her timeless application techniques in this incredible educational textbook.”
“A must-have for every woman!”

Amazon Reviewer
5 Stars

“This book is a must have for your average everyday makeup lover to advance skilled makeup artists! It has an excellent layout and is very easy to understand and read. I have looked through several different makeup instruction books and nothing compares to this!”
“It has an excellent layout and is very easy to understand and read”
Katie Martinez

Amazon Reviewer
5 Stars