Natural to Knockout  Seminar/Workshop

Anytime you venture into something new, different, and unfamiliar but at the same time very interesting, it is an awesome situation that the majority of people are uncomfortable with but at the same time desire the knowledge.

1.The book Natural to Knockout Makeup, Beauty& You
3.Course Outline
4.Several pages of Movies, TV shows, Books and Magazines and a list of Commercials that validate everything that has been said in the book and the seminar
5. A list of specific tools, supplies, and products that are basics to have 
6. Review of each Section in the book with Test questions and Answers for Instructors
7. A two-sided one page on how to make an incredible workbook for each student
8.  Tabs that go in the page separators that are congruent with all the Sections in The book

With the curriculum, course outline, Review of each section with test Questions and Answers for the Instructors, a list of books, magazines and films for research to show just how beautiful but detailed a straight corrective makeup can be. and also included a list of various tools etc. the students and the Instructors found the entire workshop very informative and the information extremely viable.

I have recently finished writing a textbook that could be used as an incredible resource for cosmetology Depts. in Community Colleges, Technical Schools and Beauty schools. I also know that there are students who have expressed their deep desire to learn how to use makeup correctly and effectively. I believe that my textbook would be a tremendous asset to your eager students as they prepare for their careers in the beauty field.

The book, Natural to Knockout: Makeup, Beauty & You, is divided into ten sections, which translate nicely into a ten-part lesson plan. It starts with the basics of skin care and takes the student through nine other pertinent sections. A three-ring binder workbook will accompany the text, with tabs that follow the book sections. The techniques that I have developed over the years are tried and true, and they would greatly benefit your students.  This can be done in one week depending on your availability.

I not only have a ton of world-class information within my textbook, but I have also developed a unique and powerful teaching technique which is fun and efficient. I could easily train your instructors to use my technique. Specifically, it is a form of hands-on instruction which helps students take more responsibility for their own learning process. In addition to reading through the text, they must complete workbook exercises which are enticing and effective. In fact, they will be “doing” all the work that would be required for them to learn Straight Corrective Makeup.

For each section, the student must learn the concepts, skills, and tactics. In addition, each student then has to validate their knowledge of each section by gathering information, examples, and pictures from magazines, television, and film which represent the foundational concepts they have just learned. In addition, they will be asked to explain, in writing and orally, what they have learned and seen, and how it relates to each particular section.

These engaging exercises will reinforce the importance of the material in each section and allow the students to build their personal workbooks as extensively as they want. In this manner, they will systematically broaden their scope of knowledge on each subject from the book, and build their own research volume for a lifetime of use.

One of the most valuable parts of this learning method, and it’s main long-term advantage, is that each research volume is investigated, studied, and constructed individually by each student, congruent with their own aptitude, interest, and unique learning style. This is a fun and effective way to study. This learning method is unique, interactive, personalized, and innovative. Moreover, it provides each student a proven way to remember all that they have learned and an individualized reference book with which to build a future.

I have put together a complete educational package, Text Book Natural to Knockout Makeup, Beauty & You, Curriculum, Course outline, How-to directions to comprise the workbook. Tabs for all the Sections plus a tab for the curriculum and one for additional materials. There is a review of all the Sections plus Questions and Answers for the Instructors. You supply the 3 ring binder, plastic sheets, for the tear sheets from magazines and the page dividers for the tabs which match the Sections from the Book.

If this unique approach to teaching and learning professional makeup skills and techniques is of interest to you, I would like the opportunity to speak with any of your distinguished members of your faculty. Furthermore, I would also be happy to speak with anyone involved with student recruitment, curriculum development, or pedagogy.

I firmly believe that utilizing my new textbook and teaching method will help you and your students stay within the high standards of your department, and at the forefront of theoretical and technical training in the beauty field. Please go to my website to get more information.  You can also go to to see all the reviews about the book.

The book has also won 5 Awards: Paris Book Festival, New York Book Festival, Hollywood Book Festival, San Francisco Book Festival and Runner-up in the Beach Book Festival and is up for 9 more.

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