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This book is about empowering women to make smarter choices, by realizing what works for them and what does not!



“Carol Brown is not just any ordinary celebrity makeup artist. It is one thing to be able to apply incredible makeup on stars; it is quite another thing to be able to teach women how to create those incredible looks on themselves so they can have their own star-like quality! Carol has created a comprehensive “how to” that exceeds any that I have ever taught from, learned from, owned or read! Thanks for showing women that they can have unique beauty in their own world by masterly sharing tips, application techniques, and true master-class tutelage to aspiring makeup aficionados! It’s a must read for any aspiring model, makeup artist, or anyone who desires to look their best! Bravo!”

Mary Giuseffi
Former Ford Model
Frequent Today Show guest
Author, ‘Straight Up with a Twist’
Relationship Expert
Personal Brand Consultant

“Carol Brown is an artist whose canvas is the human head and face. And as an artist she understands the importance of a superior resume and imagery to present her thoughts. This book, NATURAL TO KNOCKOUT: MAKEUP, BEAUTY AND YOU is one of the most elegantly attractive books to come out this year. The design of the cover, the actresses and models she has selected to share her magic, the layout of the book and the careful use of photographs of all the tools and supplies she writes about are all pristine and well placed. The drawings of facial features (face types, anatomy, individual emphases on different aspects of the makeup process) are accurate and completely comprehensible.

Perhaps the most critical reader of this very complete and very fine Guide to Beauty for women would be a response from a cosmetic surgeon, so speaking from that role, Carol Brown has created the most solidly professional, honest, realistic, and applicable book about maximizing all aspects of living and moving from looking ordinary toward looking spectacular. Other manuals about the use of cosmetics may touch the epidermis in formulating makeup enhancement: Carol goes to the soul, offering insights into facial anatomy, nutrition, exercise, attitude, and inner beauty first and then follows that `foundation’ with sensitive skill in assisting her readers in creating natural classic beauty. In depth imagery of facial types, cultural idiosyncrasies and how to enhance every aspect of the face from shape and volume to shading and highlights – all are presented in a synchronous way with photographs and descriptions of all the tools and brushes and makeup and pencils and detailed instructions on how to approach the face like an artist’s canvas to create by valid enhancement and concealment the perfect result – the Knockout You! As well as anyone writing and practicing her art, Carol Brown comes closest to pushing aside the need for needles and lasers and surface modulation usually thought restricted to cosmetic surgery. Or as she so eloquently states, `I consider classic, natural beauty to be our best features maximized and our least favorable features minimized. It’s my favorite “look” and I’ve been working with it, as well as refining it throughout my entire career. The best part is, this definition of classic, natural beauty can be achieved by any woman willing to learn the skills necessary to enhance her individual features.’

The sections of the book give an idea of the thorough approach to the art of makeup: Natural to Knockout Skin Care Regime, Facial Anatomy, Tools of the Trade, Sculpting with Light and Shadow, Concealing techniques, Eyebrows Frame Eye, Eyes – Mirror to the Soul, Lip Tips, Designing a Look, and Your Whole Being. Accompanying every section are pages for personal notes, diagrams, and other helpful additives to make certain the lessons presented are absorbed correctly.

Carol Brown’s credentials are impeccable, including the fact that she has been in the Emmy Award winning circle for ten years as makeup artist for the stars. All of her training and talent she offers the reader of this elegant book. Highly Recommended.”
Grady Harp,
Top 50 Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer
5 Stars

“During my year as Miss Illinois, I often struggled with the idea that I was disappointing people if I appeared at an event without full hair and makeup. I felt that makeup masked the ‘real me’ and that the false-lashed, big-haired version of myself was more of a costume. Carol Brown’s book reminded me that the version of myself that uses makeup and the ‘real me’ do not have to be incongruous. In fact, when used in the way that Carol describes, makeup now enhances my natural beauty instead of masking it.”
Katie Lorenz Lowes
Miss America Contestant
Miss Illinois 2008
Miss Chicago 2008

“As a television producer for NBC, ABC, and FOX, having booked and produced over 4,000 segments, I know the importance of having good makeup in front of the camera. I always appreciated when a guest’s natural beauty was highlighted and brought forward. In Natural to Knockout, TV and movie makeup artist Carol Brown shows tips and techniques she has learned and refined from her years in Hollywood and shares them in an easy-to-understand manner. I highly recommend her book.”
Jess Todtfeld
Former Producer
President, Success In Media, Inc.

“Carol Brown, who has a very impressive background as a celebrity makeup artist, now shares her secrets with all women in her new book “Natural to Knockout Makeup Beauty and You.”

In her well-written guide, Brown offers insights into how facial anatomy, attitudes, exercise, nutrition, and inner beauty contribute to natural classic beauty. She offers specific help tips in applying makeup to accentuate individual facial features.

Carol Brown’s career spreads across television, feature films, HBO movies, commercials, videos, print, editorial, photo shoots and theatre. She has worked with countless celebrities including Usher, Terrance Howard, LL Cool J , Jane Fonda, Halle Berry, Queen Latifah, Jeffrey Wright, Brooke Shields, Vivica A. Fox. Carol has received 3 Emmy Awards and has been nominated 7 times for outstanding achievement in makeup artistry.

In her book, Brown presents such detailed suggestions and instructions that I think “Natural to Knockout” would make an excellent textbook for use by cosmetology schools. She is a natural teacher with extensive knowledge about specific makeup techniques to enhance natural beauty that would be of high value for aspiring makeup artists.

Another valuable contribution made by Brown in her book is that she teaches how to improve appearance and achieve natural beauty without spending tons of money on makeup products. I found “Natural to Knockout” to be a very helpful tool and a one-of-a-kind makeup resource.”
Emory Daniels
Amazon Vine Voice Reviewer
5 Stars

“You might say I was environmentally challenged growing up. For a growing boy, it was at times a confusing and, often, beguiling experience, living in a household dominated by women, (three sisters and my Mom). I recall being at a total loss observing the presence all around me of cosmetic items (lipstick, blush, rouge and the seemingly never-ending parade in and out of the house of cosmetic tools, from curlers to curling irons; from lipstick to eyeliner. And then there was observation of the application of makeup and the conversations about various aspects of this makeup use. I simply didn’t know what to make of any of it.

Now as an adult male, I have come to have great respect for the desire and need by members of the opposite sex to present themselves as beautifully as they can, given the right tools and information. Emmy-Award winning makeup artist and author Carol Brown’s excellent, encyclopedic and easy-to-use makeup and beauty guide, “Natural To Knockout: Makeup, Beauty and You” is the perfect source of information for any woman interested in how to unlock their natural beauty.

This gorgeously presented makeup guide (the author also effectively utilizes photos, illustrations and diagrams).is a patient and loving, step-by-step approach, with Carol Brown as your personal adviser walking you through the entire process, from cleansing and preparing, to what Brown calls a “knockout” make-up application.” It’s an exquisitely personal method to essential makeup application “that will change the way you approach cosmetics and actually “help you create your own artistry.” It’s an essential manual/workbook which covers virtually every phase of bringing out your own most beautiful self.

Brown, an internationally acclaimed makeup and beauty expert and recipient of three Emmy Awards for her work on television has arranged her book into 10 sections, which will guide you from the essentials of skin care to the final chapter, entitled, “Your Whole Being.” Brown’s “Natural to Knockout” is a holistic approach to presenting your best self. As Brown notes at the outset, “…your facial motif is the first statement you make to the world…and reflects your inner self.” Writing on the topic of skin care, Brown includes the elements that make for “five-point complexion magic:” nutrition, peace, exercise, positive attitude and what she calls your “inner coil,” the place from which all beauty emanates.

Brown fits in an incredible amount of information, insight and wisdom for women with a widely varying degree of knowledge about how best to use makeup. For example, Brown writes in detail about facial anatomy and different facial shapes, which she believes are essential to understanding and achieving the goal of making the best possible beauty presentation. She covers all of the tools of the trade and how to correctly use them, along with fascinating lessons in such things as “Sculpting With Light and Shadow” and “Concealing Techniques,” the latter chapter packed with photographs. And Brown spends considerable time explaining how to bring out the natural beauty in your eyes, which have long been believed to be, as the author notes, “the mirror to one’s soul.”

“Natural To Knockout” works so well because of Brown’s expert guidance and knowledge as she educates women about every imaginable cosmetic tool/material available and how best to apply makeup, often with her self-described “Less is more” philosophy. Remarkably, the artist and author makes accessible the techniques through which you can achieve the kind of “classic, natural beauty” that is your birthright. Carol Brown’s priceless and ultra-valuable experience, ideas and guidance make for a beauty guide that every woman interested in presenting her best self needs to read.”
John Kelly
Amazon Reviewer
5 Stars