The book

This book is about empowering women to make smarter choices, by realizing what works for them and what does not!


The majority of women want to be thought of as Romantic. It is not a manufactured thing it is something that comes from within. You may have to cultivate and refine it but it is innate. It is important that you see yourself in a Romantic light first before anyone else can see you that way. Learn to develop your surroundings so they make you feel like the beautiful woman you are. Give yourself beautiful flowers, soft sensual fabrics that embrace you. Make your space, however, humble, large or small a true reflection of your Romantic side. There are specific colors that are considered more alluring than others. There are more specific styles in makeup, hair, and clothing that can express so much more than words. Your own personal style in your home, says a lot about how romantic you are.

Never feel afraid to feel feminine; it is the gift we as women were given. It does not matter what size we are, it only matters what we do with what we have. We were all given specific gifts and it is up to us to make the most of them.

Flowers make any room look great, smell good and brighten up your spirits.
Art in your space is also an expression of how you feel about yourself.
Candles can give an ambiance like nothing else.
Music also warms your soul and makes you come alive.
Being vivacious is a very attractive quality you yourself can enjoy.
Treat yourself to a candlelight dinner, and wear something wonderful
Sometimes dress in something nice for yourself to make you feel great.
When you feel good about the woman you are others will be attracted to the real you.
In treating yourself special you will know how you want to be treated by someone else.
Remember, if you like yourself, others will like you as well.